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Formative assessment describes all these processes by which teachers and learners use information about student achievements to make adjustments to the students learning that improve their achievement – if you like, to make sure that the learning is proceeding in the right direction and to support that learning. The main purpose of assessment should be to provide information to the teacher to make real-time adjustments to their instruction in order to better meet the learning needs of students.

– Dylan Wiliam

The New Formative Assessment Toolkit

Incorporating the work of Prof Dylan Wiliam and Prof John Hattie’s Visible Learning

This versatile and innovative toolkit provides a range of formative assessment resources including 100 FAN-sticks (paddles), over 700 stickers, numerous black-line masters including multi-level ‘Exit Polls’, Peer Assessment forms, engaging games and a range of ‘Learning Logs’. This is a kit that never requires power or sophisticated technology and is always ready to go!


Classroom Toolkit


There are 100 FAN-sticks in the classroom kit providing the teacher with 3 to 4 different answering types. FAN-sticks increase student engagement and participation. They are also a very effective classroom management tool.

Answer Stickers

The kit comes with a wide assortment of Answer Stickers. All stickers are colour coded so responses are instantly recognisable from a distance. Teachers get a read on student understanding immediately and can modify lessons accordingly.

BLM Resources

This book contains an impressive array of photocopiable forms for student use. They follow the principles of Formative Assessment and Visible Learning as espoused by educational leaders such as Dr Dylan Wiliam, Prof. Paul Black and Prof. John Hattie.

Wall Charts

A variety of wall charts operate in tandem with particular FAN-sticks to maximise answer types. Others act as notice boards and continuums-of-understanding on which students can attach personalised post-it notes. (refer Teacher Guide).


The Recording Pad allows teachers to record the initials of those students experiencing difficulty with particular concepts. The Plotting Pad allows teachers to graph how successfully their class has understood particular concepts.

Teachers Guide

A comprehensive, easy to follow guide that explains the science behind the kit and the how best to use the kit’s various components.


Top Educators Speak

By activating students as learning resources for one another there is the possibility of some of the largest gains seen in any educational interventions.

Slavin, Hurley & Chamberlain

Visible Learning and Teaching occurs when teachers see learning through the eyes of students and help them become their own teachers.

John Hattie

Students who are capable of thoughtful, searching analysis and personal reflection are well on their way to becoming self-directed learners.

John Walters

Teachers and students use the power of peers positively to progress learning … if you want to increase student academic achievement, give each student a friend.

John Hattie

What we’ve discovered is that formative peer assessment, where students are helping each other improve their work has benefits for the person that receives feedback but also has benefits for the person who gives the feedback.

Dylan Wiliam


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Frequently Ask Questions

Is FAN suitable for all ages?

FAN has been carefully designed to be suitable from Kinder/Prep/Reception up to and beyond Year 6. It is even suitable for high school classes because the kit is light and easy to transport from class to class. The tool kit contains BLMs and stickers specifically created for each of the grades.

No. While FAN is designed to support formative assessment, along with schools wishing to provide ‘Visible Learning’ opportunities to both student and teacher, it is also a wonderful classroom management tool.

Schools also find it useful in Support Units and classes and with children who are ‘non-verbal’ or have limited language skills. Teachers can use FAN as a powerful tool to engage all students in the life and learning of the classroom.

The FAN tool kit was designed to be used by individual classes - many of the stickers that a senior grade teacher would select, are not suitable for the early years (and vice versa). Also, FAN is designed to be used in an instant and should be ready to go at any time. The need to borrow it or share with another class may require some co-ordination.

Having said that, it is possible to share a kit with a class nearby, provided the classes are at a similar level with similar needs.

Yes, FAN-sticks can be replaced or ‘topped up’ if required. They are designed to be strong, flexible and long-lasting. The plastic used is ‘food grade’ and very safe.

The sticker sheets can be bought separately while the books can also be replaced.

Yes. Many teachers will have a need for specific stickers/images/symbols and these can be created easily, and printed, using laser printer mailing labels.

Yes. The wall charts are printed on a light card to give them strength. The creators recommend that regularly used charts be laminated for added protection.

The creators also recommend that words/images/photos/etc, needing to be attached temporarily to the charts, should be only be attached using ‘Blu-Tack’ or other similar soft fixing compounds.


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